Grzegorz Gwiazda was born in 1984 in Lidzbark Warmiński. He studied at Poznań and Warsaw Schools of Fine Arts, and then at Accademia di Belle Arte di Brera in Milan, Italy, having been granted a scholarship. In 2009 he graduated with honours from Academy of Art in Warsaw) (ASP), where he had studied sculpture under Professor Adam Myjak. In January 2014 he was awarded his doctorate. Since 2009 he has been working as Assistant to Professor Maciej Zychowicz in the Graphics and Sculpture Department at the Institute of Art Education at the School of Special Education (IEA ASP) in Warsaw.

In the academic year 2008-9/In 2008 he was awarded a grant by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and in 2010 he received a grant from Inicjatywa ENTRY (Initiative ENTRY). In 2010 his work Behold the man (Oto Człowiek) was honourably mentioned in the international competition of figurative art organized by Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes.

His works have been shown in individual exhibitions in several Polish cities and towns: Lidzbark Warmiński (Warmia Bishops’ Castle, 2008), Warsaw (the Promocyjna art gallery, 2011; the Fibak art gallery, 2013; the 101 projekt art gallery, 2014), Poznań and Mosina (2013), Bydgoszcz (the Wspólna art gallery, 2013). His sculptures have also been displayed in collective exhibitions both in Poland and abroad: Coming Out: the Best Graduates of ASP (Warsaw, 2009), Exhibition of Professors and Graduates of the Department of Sculpture at ASP (Warsaw, 2012), in Madrid (2010, 2011) and Barcelona (2011). His works are also part of the collection of Museu Europeu d’Art Modern in Barcelona.


  1. Dzień dobry. Jestem zainteresowana studiami rzeźby na ASP w Poznaniu lub w Warszawie. Czy jest jakiś konkretny powód, dla którego przeniósł się Pan z Poznania do Warszawy? Czy coś nie odpowiadało Panu w poziomie, sposobie nauczania itp.?
    Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedź i pozdrawiam

  2. Dear Grzegorz,

    I discovered your work thanks to instagram of the mapstone studio. i find it poweful and inspiring. Unfortunately there were no place for your current two weekworkshop. What are the next sessions you plan to organise in the near future? i would also be interested in the sessions outside of England as i live in Belgium and it is a long ride there.
    Many thanks in advance,

    Tatiana Potapova